Our Lapidary Shop


Our lapidary shop is located in the basement of the Santa Cruz Senior Center at 222 Market Street in Santa Cruz.  The shop is open on Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 PM for both members and guests. After paying a  small usage fee ($10 for Guests and $7 for Members) and, for beginners, attending a short safety training,   participants can  work on their various projects. Shop stewards are available for advice on lapidary techniques and project design.   The lapidary equipment we have includes: four 8 inch diamond wheels and four 8 inch silicon carbide grinding wheels, 3 Genie cabochon making machines, a 10 inch trim saw and five slab saws ranging in size from 24 inch to 12 inch diameter blades. A leather polishing disk and a flat lap are also available. We also have aprons, safety glasses and ear plugs for protection from the various potential hazards of working with lapidary equipment.